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We believe that food is humanity’s strongest bond. It plays on all your senses and can take you to places you’ve never been. We have always treated food as an experience, some eat to live, but we live to eat, which is why our goal is to always ensure that what we offer is food for the soul.

Our story begins in 2006 when our founder, Jalal Abu-Gazaleh, was supplying top tier 5-star hotels all over Cairo with premium meat and seafood. After introducing an unprecedented quality of Australian beef to the Egyptian market, it became clear there was a hunger for such products amongst the Cairo community. We made customer satisfaction the root of our mission to revolutionize the way people shop for their groceries, making it less of an errand and more of a joyful journey.

Located right off Maadi’s Ring Road, Gourmet Egypt opened its doors in 2008 where everyone could start shopping for all the delicious products curated from around the world that were simply unavailable in mainstream retail shops. Our portfolio ranged from Italian & French farmhouse cheeses to authentic pasta, condiments & Asian fusion.

After nearly 10 years of experience in premium food retail, Gourmet Egypt became synonymous with quality & excellence. When importing restrictions began in 2015, we knew that trouble was on the horizon. As a customer centric business, our top priority is to maintain our long-established standards and ensure that our quality is not sacrificed.

The Handcrafted by Gourmet journey was then established with two production facilities equipped with talented, passionate chefs turning every household’s favourite recipe; from soups, salads, bakery and a wide range of convenient ready to cook and eat meals. The portfolio grew to include fresh & frozen items, made with the finest local & imported ingredients.

Going local opened a whole new world for us. We are proud to say that we encourage local businesses and over the last years we collaborated with many of them to produce an exclusive range of products. Now at Gourmet Egypt, our customers can shop and support high quality local brands ranging from health & beauty to kitchenware and everything in between.


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In maintaining our goal to continue exceeding our customer’s expectations, we make sure that all our partners & suppliers go through an extensive global standard selection process to ensure that all our products are sourced with Gourmet’s high quality.

To match the ways our customers shop, in addition to our self-serving shops, we developed highly rated digital touchpoints to make for a better and more efficient shopping experience.

And it does not end here…

We reformed our e-commerce platforms to further satisfy our customers by creating a personalized shopping experience unique to each individual’s diet, allergens & preference.

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Career with Gourmet Egypt

At Gourmet Egypt, we love making the shopping journey delicious. Our goal is to always ensure that we offer food for the soul.

We are always searching for individuals who are driven with a passion for food. Our team is diverse, dynamic with an entrepreneurial spirit & ownership mentality. If you think of food as a luxurious experience, send your CV & a cover letter to


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