Dodoni Feta Cheese

EGP 880.00
Made exclusively from 100% Greek, pasteurised sheep's and goat's milk, DODONI Feta is recognised worldwide and awarded for its high and consistent quality. Feta is the most famous cheese in Greece. It is crumbly yet moist as it is kept in brine. In The Kitchen: Feta best compliments Greek salad, which is made up of only tomatoes, olives, red onion, cucumber and green bell peppers. It can also be added to pizzas, on oven baked dishes and added to stuffings. The Greek word “fetaâ€‌ comes from the Italian word fetta (slice). It was introduced into the Greek language in the 17th century. Traditionally, feta has been made by peasants in the lower Balkan peninsula from sheep’s and goat’s milk.
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