Vegan Mushroom Burger

EGP 130.00
Another must try addition to Gourmet's vegan range is our new mushroom burger. Mushrooms are a great way to replace meat, as they have a dense texture and hold together to create a meaty bite. The meatless burger patties are made of plump mushrooms, freek, oat flakes, bread crumbs and spinach for a juicy consistency and seasoned with a blend of herbs (thyme, rosemary & oregano). Mustard, garlic & onion are also added for a scrumptious taste. If you are not a fan of meatless burgers, think again! Foodie Tip: For a wholesome bite, place the mushroom burger in Gourmet burger buns, top with sliced onions, tomatoes, avocados and your preferred cheese.
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