Weber Hardwood Charcoal Briquettes

EGP 195.00
The perfect cut of meat calls for the perfect fuel and accessories and the new Weber briquettes bring just that! These grilling gems burn with a steady and sustained heat and they’re 100% natural with no added chemicals. The results? All you taste is the food in all its authenticity. Pair the briquettes with any of our charcoal accessories for the ultimate BBQ success! 1. 100% ALL Natural: Once lit, the hardwood briquettes burn long and strong for hours on end. 2. Attention to detail: Every aspect; from the size, material, and sturdy craftsmanship of the briquettes plays a role in the exceptionally long burning time. 3. Longevity: After dinner is finished, and the party kicks into high gear, the briquettes will still be hot and ready, hours later, for a midnight snack. 4. Consistency: Burns with same steady heat for 3-4 hours 5. Large size: A generous platform to accommodate your biggest BBQ dreams!
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